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A Vegan Cookbook For The Harvest Holiday

Roberta Kalechofsky & Roberta Schiff

ISBN: 978-0-916288-59-4 7 x 10

88 pages

The introduction to Thanksvegan traces the rise of beef from 6,000 years ago to the present, from the appearance of the cow as a divinity to its present status as something resembling the locust in its destruction of the earth's surface, its contribution to global warming, and to many of our diseases. We can no longer afford a meat-based diet: we must change or suffer destructive consequences.

There have been three major food cultures of the past: the hunter-gatherer culture, settled agriculture which began about 10,000 years ago, and the chemical revolution of the 20th century, with the rise of nitrogen and chemicals in food agriculture.

Veganism augurs a forth and new food culture, and is a significant response to the potential catastrophe of global warming.

Thanksvegan traces the growth of the plant-based nutrition movement from small beginnings with food cooperatives and the CSA (community sustained agriculture) organizations, until plant-based nutrition became one of the most significant diet revolutions of the 21st century, affecting our food habits, our shopping habits, our health, and how we spend our medical dollars. Eating meat products today is irresponsible and unnecessary.

The vegan movement proves its response to the human appetite with the plethora of gorgeous and delicious cookbooks which have established veganism as a cuisine to contend with. The food historian, Michael Symons asserted “ is the missing link...defining the human essence...I pin our humanity on cooks.”
Thanksvegan celebrates the vegan cookbook with the establishment of a new holiday to celebrate one of earth?s most significant events---the harvest---and it pins our future on the vegan cook.